RussVegas Kids Triathlon

Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, we will not be moving forward with the RussVegas Triathlon or the RussVegas Kids Triathlon in 2020. Sometime in the next six months we will release details for the 2021 event. Until then, stay active and stay safe.

The RussVegas Kids Triathlon is designed for any child, ages 7-13, regardless of athletic ability or prior triathlon experience who like to swim, bike, and run.  The purpose of this event is to raise funds for the Arkansas Children’s Hospital and the River Valley Circle of Friends.  This years race day is August 24, 2019, beginning at 8:30AM.

The courses and distances were created to be achievable for all athletes and is intended to expose the young participants to the sport of triathlon. Triathlon is a great way for kids to experience individual accomplishment and have fun at the same time!

The event will be held at the Russellville Aquatic Center at 1300 North Phoenix in Russellville. Each competitor will receive a t-shirt and each finisher will receive a finishers medal.

Location and Course Information: The race begins at the Russellville Aquatic Center (RAC) on North Phoenix in Russellville, AR.  It will include 2 age groups, ages 7-10 and ages 11-13.  The competition for ages 7-10 will consist of three stages: 1) Swimming the length of the pool; 2) Bicycling from RAC to North Glennwood, and back; 3) Run from RAC to West L Street and back.  Age group 11-13’s competition will consist of this same stages, but will perform each of them twice.  This is a 100% closed course, and no parent runners will be allowed.

Registration: Online registration will close August 22nd, 2019, or when registrations are full (100 kids.)  If available, registration can be made day of the event.  The cost of registration is as follows: $25.00 per participant through August 1st; $30.00 per participant beginning August 1st through race day (if spots available)

Parents, please read the Parent Letter before the race to help you understand the flow and direction of a kid triathlon.

We hope that each of you has a wonderful racing experience. We are thrilled that you have chosen the sport of triathlon and hope that you continue to participate for many years to come.


RussVegas Foot Races Foundation

RussVegas Foot Races Foundation is the managing organization of RussVegas 1/2 Marathon, and RussVegas Triathlon.  RussVegas Foot Races Foundation organizes community events in the River Valley area on an annual basis.  These events are based in and around the town of Russellville, AR, and largely benefit Arkansas Children's Hospital.